Monday, September 5, 2011

Product Review and Swatches:
Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme Powder Foundation 
30 Cendre SPF 20/PA+++

Hello, World!     

     I always read beauty blogs when I want to research about a particular brand of skincare and makeup.  Sadly, most of the products I want to try do not get reviewed!  I end up buying products and trying them out myself. Now, these "trial and error" experiments are a little costly and result in either of the two: eureka moments (sometimes) or regret and disappointment (more often than not). I feel for all of you out there who are just like me so I decided to get my own blog and start sharing with you my discoveries.

     Please bear in mind that different people react differently to the same product. What works for others may not work for you and vice versa.  Also, before trying out skincare and makeup, may I suggest you do the following first:

  • check out the ingredients to see if you are allergic to any of them, 
  • try the product on your inner arm and behind your ears for at least 24 hours,
  • or better yet, consult a dermatologist.
     This is my first post so please bear with me, okay?:D

    I bought this because I finally finished my Laura Mercier Pressed powder and I need a new setting powder.  I know this is a foundation but I have heard of others who use powder foundation to set their makeup so I decided to give it a try. I passed up on the compact and just got the refill because I did not know yet if I will like this one or not. I did not want the case to go to waste. The compact  with powder is worth P3450 while the refill costs P2450.  
     I chose 30 Cendre because it is close to my Shu Uemura Nobara in 764. Cendre is lighter and "yellower" when I swatched it on my arm though. According to the description on the bottom label, it is a "sebum control pore minimizing powder foundation".  Now, for an oily and acne prone chika like me, this sounds like an answer to a prayer. 

     Here are the pictures I took...

Chanel and Shu Uemura

a closer look...

without flash (Shu Uemura 764 and Chanel beige cendre)

with flash (Shu Uemura 764 and Chanel beige cendre)

  • has SPF 20/PA+++
  • powder is finely-milled and applies smoothly
  • looks natural and does not cake (I was afraid it might sink in to my large pores so I didn't use the sponge and used a powder brush instead)
  • coverage is buildable: may be light (for those who have great skin and do not really need makeup) but  may be layered on
  • evened out my skin 
  • made my face look glowy when it  mixed with my oilies (my nose is a different story though >:P )
  • does not transfer 
  • stays on well (put this at 9am and by 6pm it was still okay except for my nose which I had to retouch by midday)
  • did not fully cover my red post acne marks (perhaps I should apply it with a wet sponge?)
  • did not make my nose became shiny within fifteen minutes after application and by lunch time my nose was bare, naked, and totally exposed!:(
  • has a slight smell in the compact (none at all when I applied it on my face)
     Will I buy again?  I'm not sure yet.  This is a nice powder but it didn't keep the shine at bay. I'll try it with different primers and see if it will fare better. I will keep using this till the last swipe though because I like it...reapplying powder and blotting my nose once in a while won't hurt me...after all, it's second nature to me.:D

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